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BrandMap 9 for both MACs and PCs!

BrandMap 9.0 has now been released.  BrandMap 9 is now a stand-alone program which has all of the functionality and ease of use of the old version but which is no longer dependent on  Excel for its functionality.  It can read in Excel and csv files and copy and past from and to Excel.  BrandMap 9 has much improved data handling capability and can handle quite large matrices.     

BrandMap 9, for the first time, also has the same functionality and capabilities and operation on MAC OS-X as it has on Windows.

Please contact us for further details or if you wish to try a DEMO.

BrandTrend DM

Now all the unmatched visualization and analytical power of BrandTrend has been extended to Dimensions (PASW).  Our newest BrandTrend version connects to any Dimensions dataset or indeed any data that can be accessed by the Data Model.  The user friendly yet powerful interface allows for easy point and click specification of variables, filters, and nesting elements for your trend charts.  Other features allow for easy propogation of chart specs across brands or attributes.

Please contact us to set up a web demo and discussion of your needs.

Switch to BrandMap 9.1 Enterprise!

If you are currently using our office/network versions, or you have multiple copies of our single machine version, you should seriously consider subscribing to our new Enterprise version.  The Enterprise version is much easier to administer and can support multiple locations and remote users.  Remote login, VPN, and Terminal Server/Citrix operation are all supported.