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BrandTrend XL

Advanced Trend Analysis from within Excel!

Now, more than ever, you need to know the impact of your individual media and marketing efforts.  Introducing BrandTrend XL -- a breakthrough in media and marketing analysis.  And the easiest way to produce trend charts!  All you need is Excel, your trend data, and BrandTrend XL.

Please contact us to set up a web demo and discussion of your needs.

Play Demo: BrandTrend XL Analysis Video (screen > 1024 x 768)

Play Demo: BrandTrend XL Analysis Video (screen > 800 x 600)

White Paper: Analyzing Advertising and Marketing Effects with BrandTrend XL

(A useful reference when viewing the video!

Features Analysis Additional Features


Exclusive Dynamic Visualization screen -- scroll through time to actually see your media at work

Exclusive Zoom Analysis screen -- with diagnostic charts and a written analysis

  • Integrate media and marketing data also from Excel sheets or files
  • Exclusive Zoom Analysis screen with diagnostic charts and a written analysis
  • Trend lines can be percents, means, volumes, or share of volume
  • Clicking on trend line shows date and point value
  • Can display up to 2 area charts of media data by execution
  • Can add sales or volume data to main chart
  • Can add events by type to the main chart—Can drag and place event labels on chart
  • Can add vertical lines for any specific dates
  • Right clicking on a trend line regresses a straight trend line on top of it
  • Calculates slope and confidence that slope differs from zero
  • Can do a test of proportions for comparing any 2 time periods for all lines in the trend chart
  • One button transform of line trend chart into area chart (and back)—useful for display of segments
  • Automatic axis scaling—Can be easily overridden
  • Can Zoom and Scroll over time