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About WRC Research Systems, Inc.

WRC Research Systems develops state of the art analytic and visualization software primarily for the market research industry.


William Cantrall is the President of the company, which he started in
1991 and incorporated in 1996. He is currently involved in developing software for
statistical and graphical analysis of marketing research data as well as consulting in the
area of advertising and brand tracking.
Dr. Cantrall was responsible for the BrandVision charting and modeling software which
was licensed around the world starting in 1994.
He has also developed the M-Ad advertising awareness model which is uniquely capable of picking out the contributions of individual commercial executions in complicated media schedules.
WRC Research Systems began advertising the BrandMap® program for
correspondence analysis and biplots of tabled data in 1996. Today BrandMap is the
leading marketing research oriented perceptual mapping product in the world.
Dr. Cantrall has been involved in processing and analyzing marketing research data
since 1977 with various assignments at Market Facts, Ad Factors, and Millward Brown.
Prior to starting WRC Research Systems, he was Director of Advanced Systems at
Millward Brown US, responsible for computer systems, statistical analysis, and technical development. He received his Ph.D. with a specialization in statistics and public opinion research from the University of Illinois, Urbana, in 1975..