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BrandTrend XL

Advanced Trend Analysis from within Excel!

Now, more than ever, you need to know the impact of your individual media and marketing efforts.  Introducing BrandTrend XL -- a breakthrough in media and marketing analysis.  And the easiest way to produce trend charts!  All you need is Excel, your trend data, and BrandTrend XL.

Please contact us to set up a web demo and discussion of your needs.

Play Demo: BrandTrend XL Analysis Video (screen > 1024 x 768)

Play Demo: BrandTrend XL Analysis Video (screen > 800 x 600)

White Paper: Analyzing Advertising and Marketing Effects with BrandTrend XL

(A useful reference when viewing the video!

Features Analysis Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Media Display
    Colors/patterns automatically set for each execution
    Colors (optionally) can be easily preset in the media data file
  • Template
    Edit, save and use BrandTrend template
    Change all aspects of the main and media chart displays
    Toggle template on or off
    Select from pre-defined color themes or devise your own
  • Printing
    Excellent, high resolution, consistent printing to all color printers
    Optional addition of markers and deletion of gradients especially for printing to black and white printers
    Easy setting of print options
  • Presentation features/Clipboard interface
    Multi-media: Video, audio, pictures and text of or related to media spending can be played or shown by clicking on the execution in the media display.
    High resolution output to clipboard for pasting into publishing programs, etc.
  • Saving
    All chart features and data are saved in a compressed format
    ‘unlimited’ naming capability for saved charts
  • Recall
    All saved charts can easily be brought up for analysis in an active basis
    Saved charts can be brought up, changed, and re-saved or saved as a new chart
  • Miscellaneous
    Many charts can be open on the screen at once
    Rapid re-rolling of data on any time period
    Automatically handles gaps in data collection
    Works with all world wide date formats
    Optional date display: DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, DD MMM YY
    Can easily hide or unhide lines on the chart
    Trend line labels produced automatically—can be modified
    Trend lines colors assigned automatically—(optionally) can define study defaults—(optionally) can be redefined after the chart is produced
    Automatic handling of trend line start dates
    Automatic handling of trend line end dates
    Line labels linked to end of line—with no overlap
    Annotation capability
    Secure chart sharing/editing capabilities between users on a network
    ‘Chart Editor’ provided to override titles, axis settings, line colors, markers, gridlines etc.