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BrandTrend® DM

Trend Information Delivery and Analysis System

Finally, easy to use, interactive, full featured tables, charts, and trend charts from all of your survey data can be at your fingertips. Now BrandTrend® can attach to any Dimensions dataset to provide the most advanced trend charting software system available.  This combination provides both unbeatable speed and ease of use.

Please contact us to set up a web demo and discussion of your needs.

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  • Colorful, intuitive interface
  • Interface controls highlight with mouse flyover—‘Hints’ display on all controls with mouse hover
  • Immediate display of chartable data from Dimensions data.
  • Many charts can be open on the screen at once
  • Rapid re-rolling of data on any time period
  • Automatically handles gaps in data collection
  • Works with all world wide date formats
  • Optional date display: DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, DD MMM YY
  • Automatic titling of charts—Can modify titles
  • Can easily hide or unhide lines on the chart
  • Trend line labels produced automatically—can be modified
  • Trend lines colors assigned automatically—(optionally) can define study defaults—(optionally) can be redefined after the chart is produced
  • Automatic handling of trend line start dates
  • Automatic handling of trend line end dates
  • Line labels linked to end of line—with no overlap
  • Annotation capability
  • Secure chart sharing/editing capabilities between users on a network
  • Access charts as well as survey and media data across the Internet