New BrandMap® 8!  
  • Produces presentation ready biplots, correspondence maps, mdpref and MCA maps in seconds right from your Excel tables
  • Exclusive Brand Projectors I & II provide interactive “what if” analysis right on the map
  • New Excel 2007/2010 ribbon interface
  • Excel 2007/2010,Vista and Windows 7 compatible
  • Works with Excel XP - 2003 as well
  • The choice of professional researchers worldwide
  • New MCA module, vector intercepts and CGS distance circles
  • More Information and Feature List

Trend your Excel data!

       NEW BrandTrend® XL!  
  • Trend any and all measures along with your media and marketing activity right from within Excel
  • Scroll through time using dynamic visualization to see the effect of your executions on your trend measures
  • Zoom in on periods of interest to determine which executions or activities are affecting your trends
  • More Information and Feature List

     Survey Explorer  -- New 2010 pricing!

  • A state of the art interactive graphical and visualization tool for survey access, analysis and client delivery
  • Easy to use interface and fast data access facilitate the preparation, analysis, and publication of results
  • Easily accommodates survey data from any source
  • Exceptional combination of ease of use, speed, graphics and analytic capability
  • All of the data from all of your studies easily accessed and analyzed right from your desktop
  • Advanced preparation, access, analysis and publication of survey results
  • Accommodates survey data from any source
  • Output of advanced charts and tables to commonly used presentation formats and packages
  • More Information and Feature List
  • To Play Demo clickSurvey Explorer Video


  • Visually analyze the impact of your media and marketing activities on awareness, brand image, and all other variables
  • The most advanced trend charting system available today for internal analysis and client delivery
  • Provides an ideal desktop interface for viewing and analyzing trend charts
  • Integrated with Survey Explorer to facilitate the analysis and processing of survey data results via trend charts for tracking studies
  • Provides for easy integration of your media, marketing and sales data on the chart
  • Provides ability to interactively change the rolling period  
  • Provides for detailed view of media by execution
  • Unique zooming and scrolling feature for closer looks at the data
  • Unique indicators for significance of trend
  • Unique linking of media data (just click on the media in the chart) to video, audio, or text of the actual ad
  • Provides for batch publishing of trend charts into PowerPoint
  • More Information and Feature List
  • To Play Demo click: BrandTrend Video


     Brand Profiler

  • Produces presentation ready brand by attribute or attribute by brand profile charts in seconds directly from your Excel tables
  • Derive new insights from Brand/Attribute grids by adjusting for brand size and other effects which make true comparison difficult
  • Both Arcsin and Chi-Square methods included
  • New! Automatically produces radar charts of absolute values and deviations from expectations
  • New Excel 2007 ribbon interface
  • New Excel XP-2003 toolbar interface
  • More Information and Feature List