Brand Profiler 2 Features

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Product Summary

Brand Profiler is the choice of professional researchers worldwide for user friendly, rapid analysis and production of brand by attribute or attribute by brand profile charts directly from Excel tables. Brand Profiler helps researchers develop new insights from their data by stripping out the masking influences of brand size and other data distortions. Both arcsin and chi-square methods are supported. New with version 2 are automatically generated radar charts of both absolute values and deviations from expectations. Brand Profiler 2 has a new Office 2007 ribbon interface and is fully Office compatible.

Key Features

   New Brand Profiler2 Ribbon Interface

New Features

  • Excel 2007 and Vista compatible
  • New ribbon (Excel 2007) or toolbar (Excel XP-2003) interface
  • Now loads and unloads Brand Profiler from within Excel
  • Uses new Excel 2007 templates for quadrant and regression charts
  • Absolute and deviation from expected radar charts
  • Improved on-line help
  • No need to “OK Macros” when loading Brand Profiler!

All Features

  • Presentation quality, report ready, customizable charts in seconds
  • Point and click operation, fast computation and plotting, handles large tables
  • Fast high quality output to laser and color printers
  • Easy copy and paste into your word processing documents
  • Easy data entry—the data matrices (tables) can be entered by hand into the spreadsheet, imported from Quantum or other tab packages, pasted in from other applications
  • Brand and attribute labels are automatically applied--no need to re-enter them
  • Labels can be individually or globally edited, bolded, underlined, italicized, boxed, etc.
  • Fonts, sizes and colors can be easily changed
  • Produces an annotated table of differences indicating maximums and minimums.
  • Extensive context sensitive on-line help is always available
  • Easy Internet download and registration
  • Easy license transfer
  • Complete on-line help
  • Complete PDF manual
  • Single machine and network versions available
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Working within Excel, Brand Profiler provides for easy data access or entry, fast calculation and presentation of charts. Just highlight your data table (complete with labels) and Brand Profiler calculates the relevant statistics and produces fully automatically labeled, presentation ready charts. There is extensive flexibility provided both in terms of calculation options as well as in the graphical output.

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BrandProfiler provides completely presentation ready output. (See the image above for the BrandMap advertisement which was produced entirely with BrandProfiler and Excel!) Excellent quality output is provided to laser and color printers.

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BrandProfiler displays the relative strengths and weaknesses of brands on their attributes by mathematically determining the degree to which the brand standings differ from expectations. The program automatically produces output of 1 chart per brand with bars for each attribute or 1 chart per attribute with bars for each brand.
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Software Requirements
Note!  Version 2 requires Excel XP (2002) or later, Windows  98, NT, 2000, XP or Vista.
Hardware Requirements
Pentium or compatible.
Brand Profiler capacities are substantial, but not unlimited. The maximum number of columns varies by version of Excel:
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